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Fallen Earth lets the dogs out


Oi, you there! Yeah, you, you grubby Wastelander! Bored of hiking the Grand Canyon all by your lonesome? There's hope for you yet -- the Fallen Earth team has announced that they've released companion pets into the game ahead of schedule.

The dogs -- Wasteland Mutts -- were spotted on the test servers, yet did not make the journey to yesterday's 1.3.11 patch. While players feared that the new pet system was being held back for more testing, apparently everything is A-OK, and the Mutts are now available at feed and fuel merchants throughout Sectors 1-3. Even better, Icarus let out the word that the pets will be cheaper than anticipated, costing players about 500 chips for a new best friend.

While the Mutts are welcome news indeed, Icarus wants us to know that Fallen Earth won't be a dogs-only club: "Don't get too attached," they teased. "We hear other variants still exist in Deadfall!"

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