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Keepin' it real fake: iPod classic phone reminds us why we prefer touchscreens


Our colleagues at Engadget Chinese are on the ground at China Sourcing Fair 2010 in Hong Kong, and as you can imagine, they're finding a great many devices that exhibit "a really heavy cottage flavor" (or, as we say in the states, "really, really KIRFy"). The BestPower X200, which we first saw in an FCC filing in February, doesn't borrow its form factor from any current iPhone iteration -- oh, no, that would be too simple. This one looks back five years or so, when "iPod phones" were little more than a beautiful fanboy's dream. And if you are a time traveler from back in the day, when Lost was in its first season (and was almost enjoyable), this thing will surely inspire some gadget lust: dual SIM cards, quad-band GSM, 2.4-inch (1.3 million pixel) display, Bluetooth, FM Radio, MiniUSB, MicroSD, and a media player -- what's not to love? And all this can be yours this August for a mere $1,500 HKD (that's about $193 US dollars). Video after the break.

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