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Pair of Lost Planet 2 multiplayer maps to be GameStop pre-order bonus


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During its Captivate 2010 media event last week, Capcom revealed two additional multiplayer maps for Lost Planet 2. On top of the 10 maps included on the game disc, this pair of DLC maps will be used as a pre-order incentive (apparently exclusive to GameStop) and will also be made available for all owners of the game to purchase at an unspecified point in time after the game's release.

The maps, "Helix" (pictured above) and "Back to the Island," are (according to G4) said to feature the ability to swim (well, tread water, at least) with the former taking place underwater at the NEVEC ocean research facility. The latter, a remake of a map from the original game, sounds like it starts off on the beach of Island 902, carries on into the jungle, and then eventually winds up underground after players open a mysterious hatch. It's a lost planet, after all.

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