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Square Enix releases Chaos Rings on iPhone, discounts other iPhone games


Square Enix's impressive-looking iPhone RPG, Chaos Rings, is now available from the App Store. If you'd like to try it, you'll have to pay the iPhone equivalent of the Square Enix Tax, as the publisher has priced the Media Vision-developed RPG at $12.99. Chaos Rings is the story of four couples (each in its own storyline) summoned to fight to the death in a tournament for some mysterious reason. The "couple" theme forms the strategic element of battles: you have to decide when to use combined attacks that also open both party members to damage.

Paradoxically, the release of this expensive-for-iPhone game also brings savings. To promote the launch of Chaos Rings, Square Enix put its other iPhone games on sale. Among others, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are now $6.99 each, Crystal Defenders is now $5.99, and Sliding Heroes has temporarily reached the magic $.99 price point. Even the Final Fantasy XIII gallery is on sale, priced at Still Too Much.

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