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TiVo Premiere's RCN VOD menu is based on the classic interface

Ben Drawbaugh

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Oh TiVo we'd really beat you up about this one if the new HDUI wasn't so painfully slow. We'd love to go on and on about how lame it is to be upconverting a UI even though HD has been around for years and how sick we are of that 10 year old TiVo interface. But no, instead we're just happy that at least some cable viewers will have access to VOD on a 3rd party device, and no matter how bad it looks, we wish every provider made the effort that RCN did to bring all of its services to every device on its network. We're also happy to read that no matter how bad it looks to us, it is an upgrade from the existing RCN VOD interface and is much more responsive than the TiVo Premiere's HDUI -- RCN does expect to roll out a version with the new UI in the 3rd quarter of this year.

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