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Pilots: Take your iPad flying with the Tech Board iPro Kneeboard


With its beautiful display, capacious storage, and hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad is an instant hit with both professional and private pilots. The iPad is much more readable than an iPhone, and it's easy to take PDF files of sectional and terminal area charts with you on the device.

As with any electronic device in the cockpit of an airplane, pilots want to make sure that the iPad is secured while in flight so that it doesn't become a projectile in turbulence or abrupt maneuvers. They also want it right at their fingertips for instant reference. Take those seemingly conflicting requirements and what do you get? The Tech Board iPro Kneeboard from For Pilots Only.

The all-metal iPro looks like it could withstand a CFIT (controlled flight into terrain), and includes a hinged cover that doubles as a clipboard for jotting non-digital notes. It's padded on the inside to protect the finish of your iPad, and there's an opening for a charger should you need to top off the iPad in flight. Like all kneeboards, the iPro has a strap that fastens around the pilot's upper thigh to hold the board in place. Kneeboards have been used for years by pilots for holding onto objects during flight, but the combo of the iPro and iPad are sure to make this a must-have accessory for pilots.

We'd love to hear from TUAW readers who are pilots. How are you using the iPad in the cockpit? Leave your comments below.

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