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Socle Technology's ARM-powered, 1080p tablet platform due later this year


Socle Technology, a system-on-a-chip manufacturer based in Taiwan, has just announced its sPad A11 design and development platform. Consisting of the GlobalFoundries 65nm chipset, the ARM 1176 CPU and FPU core, Mali 3D Graphic Core, and a full HD 1080p Video CODEC application processor, this bad boy supports multitasking, 3D graphics, and sports a camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This is a device for those of you who believe there aren't enough Android tablets in the world -- or at least for those of you who realize that the Intel Atom and the Apple A4 aren't the only games in town. Are you an enterprising young businessman or woman hoping to get into the slate game, and in a hurry? We thought so (you do have that "look" about you). The company promises that this thing'll be available sometime in the second half of this year. For more info, peep the PR after the break.

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Socle Technology March & Q1 revenue hit record high-"sPad" new product launch second half of year

2010.04.20 - World's leading-edge provider of platform SoC solution and IC design service Socle Technology, announced today its March and first quarter revenue had shown strong growth and both hit a record high, with first quarter increased extensively comparing to fourth quarter last year, and even jumping an amazing 72.8% comparing to same period last year. Socle will be expecting to launch - "sPad" a new tablet PC design aid platform product in the second half of this year, hoping to push revenue to even further high.

To be able to achieve such amazing result while facing constant changing technology industry and consumer market, Socle must be able to meet IC design house and system provider's demand on consumer electronic product solutions swiftly. With the same reason of foreseeing the future trends and customer's product development needs, Socle began developing a whole new product - "sPad", even before Apple launched iPad. Socle "sPad" has a more complete and powerful system chip and SoC development platform then iPad A4, and is due to launch in the second half of this year.

Socle "sPad" adapts GLOBALFOUNDRIES's high performance 65nm low power process, it not only includes core SoC - "sPad A11", and also has complete soft and hardware design platform - the "sPad A11 Design and Development platform", with core SoC(sPad A11)containing ARM 1176 CPU and FPU core, Mali 3D Graphic Core, and Full HD 1080p Video CODEC Application Processor. Plus, the Android and Linux based SoC design platform supports functions such as Multitasking, 3D Graphics, Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Wireless and Expandable Memory module, with Full HD 1080p video playback, giving sharper and clearer pictures.

Socle "sPad" new product is high in performance and integration with competitive pricing strategy, combining the latest and hottest peripheral functions, helping customers reduce soft and hardware integration time, faster time-to-market, as well as gaining market leading edge advantage!

Socle Technology Corporation, founded in 2001 and invested by Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., which has been merged into GLOBALFOUNDRIES since December 2009, as a strategic partner, is well-recognized as a leading-edge provider of SoC design and implementation services as well as an architect for more complicated SoC design technology in advanced process nodes. Socle has developed some of the best ARM hardcore and ARM embedded SoC platform among ARM solution providers worldwide. For the best design service with the one-stop-shop convenience, Socle works closely with GLOBALFOUNDRIES and other world-class partners of IP, EDA, and assembly and testing.

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