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The Classifieds: This guy's hogging all your luck


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The RNG does not hate you. It's just been spending all of its quality time this week snuggling up to Taedran of US Silvermoon-A. "I've been having a strange week," Taedran confesses. "Physically, IRL, I've been really sick and feeling awful, but in WoW ... It's as if God is smiling upon me, because there are a few items I have been farming for every chance I get, items that I have been farming for, for more than a year. These items are: Swift Razzashi Raptor from Zul'gurub, Orb of the Sin'dorei from heroic Magister's Terrace, Shard of the Fallen Star from AQ40 and quite a few others! This week has fulfilled all my dropping wants! And to top that all off, my guild just beat Lich King, and so we are all Kingslayers now. And guess what Lich King dropped? The only item I want off of him -- the healing mace. And I won it!"

This is the point at which we should probably all gather 'round and clap Taedran on the back, congratulating and wishing him well ... It's just that I think I have something in my eye, and I really don't have a free hand, anyway. I have to keep pounding this need button over here -- unless I make the right sequence of rolls (I'm going for 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42; I read 'em on this weird metal hatch out in the middle of Sholazar Basin), something bad is going to happen ... Something that might keep me from prying my fair share of loot out of the grip of that filthy rotten fleabag gloriously lucky bloke, Taedran ...

More news from around the WoW community, plus recruitment and Random Acts of Uberness, after the break.

It's been a relatively quiet week in Azeroth this week. Most readers seem to be spending their time poking through Cataclysm class previews or plopping down to play with their new starponies and other new toys. Let's see, we've got <Heart of the Phoenix> (US Rexxar-A) turning two years old this week ("Let the terrible twos commence!" proclaims their tipster) ... The usual smattering of Employment (guild recruiting) and Personals (looking for guild) ads ... And some heartening Random Acts of Uberness to report. A quiet week, all in all -- so freshen up your drink and let's see what ads and acts we have coming in from the front.

Random Acts of Uberness

Livinginsin, US Mug'thol-H I just finished the most exciting, heart-pounding run of Heroic Halls of Reflection, and I just had to let you guys know. There we were, a holy paladin, combat rogue, a demonology lock and myself (an ele shaman), sitting around waiting for the umpteenth time for a tank to join (only to see the instance and leave), when suddenly a blood elf appeared. Clad in his golden armor, this magnificent belfadin stuck with us through thick and thin. We took down the first boss no sweat, but then we lost the rogue and lock. The three of us went on to finish the second half of the waves, all the while the other two cheering us on. It was touch and go the whole time, but our healer kicked all kinds of butt, and that pally just kept taking the hits. Fast forward to the end of the escape: Once more down two people, Arthas no more than a meter behind us, we prevailed! Livinginsin, I salute you sir. You never said a word, but by god can you tank. -- Anonymous

Ahthintik, US Uther-H So I'm leveling a shaman alt, and I find myself in Maraudon with Ahthintik from <Tyrant Knights> on my server, Uther. He sets a blistering pace that the healer can barely keep up with, but we're rocking great DPS and we blitz through the purple section with ease. The healer leaves, and I volunteer to switch specs so we can keep running random classics together. Soon we're going after Princess Theradras, and I spend the whole instance chatting about a very smexy epic dagger that she drops, the Blade of Eternal Darkness. As we approach the final boss, I pessimistically note that it only drops 2% of the time and we won't see it. Ahthintik speaks for almost the first time all run: "We will get it. I'm lucky." I jokingly tell him that if we do, I'm writing him up for a Random Act of Uberness ... And here we are. :) I lost the roll on the dagger, but got a great story and met a very cool player. :) -- Farrath, <SWotH>, US Uther-H

Lazarevic, US Korialstrasz-A My pally tank just dinged 80 yesterday and is not the most geared player yet. By some stroke of luck, I got put into Pit of Saron (regular) with an amazing group. The most uber was the healer, Lazarevic-Korialstrasz, a pally who also just dinged 80 yesterday. He had some amazing healing going on, especially on sort of a noob tank. The hunter Niabi (US Bladefist-A), rogue Dahmer (US Cenarion Circle-A) and death knight Bult (US Fenris-A) were also very patient and helpful. It went so well that we continued into Halls of Reflection. We stuck through a couple wipes (wave nine is a killer!) and escaped the Lich King, all of us getting the HoR achievement. I just want that group to know that they made this fresh 80 tank's day and give a special shout out to some awesome heals! You guys were great! -- Riblee, US Uther-A

Mandarb, US Hyjal-H After a fellow guildie bugged me to level with him Horde-side (we raid Alliance-side), him tanking and me healing, what was supposed to be a fun trip through the levels together has almost become competitive -- catching up with and passing each other up when we're offline. I was doing just that through the dungeon finder on Saturday evening. After a few good and a few bad runs, I ended up with a tank, Mandarb on Hyjal realm. At the end of each run, he'd re-queue us. I'd think about all the other stuff I should be doing offline, but when you find a good tank, you stick with it for as long as you can these days. We had some DPS come and go, but he and I really formed a nice synergy after about two runs and ended up running more than a dozen into the wee hours! We paused long enough to empty bags, buy drinkage, a very brief bio break once or twice, but it was awesome! He figured out when to slow down or pull smaller based on my mana, and when he could go all out and pull three groups of mobs at once. We both got almost three levels out of it or so. I wanted to give a great big shout-out to Mandarb! Thanks for all the fun! -- Rychous, US Cenarion Circle-H

Employment: Guild recruiting

  • Social raiding <Our World Now> (US Proudmoore-H) is looking for all levels of members. They're a family-friendly, casual raiding guild open to helping low-level characters as well as seeking more raiders to fill out weekly raiding slots. Raids Sunday at 2:35 p.m. server time.
  • Mature, casual play with new ICC-10 <There and Back Again> of US Fizzcrank-A is welcoming laid-back, mature players for leveling, running heroics and hanging out. They're also building a new ICC-10 team; DPS especially welcome. Highest priority in this group is a sense of humor -- "laughs and good times our priority!"

Personals: Looking for guild

Weird schedule "I hope you guys can help," writes Cyranax of US Emerald Dream-A. "Been playing since December 2006 with the same schedule and have never found a guild that seemed to 'stick' due to my weird schedule. While I don't mind pugging or being a part of casual guilds with no one ever on, it would be nice to have a permanent guild home going into Cata I could grow with." Here's what he's looking for:
  • Alliance guild
  • PvP/RP-PvP realm
  • 18+ (adult guild)
  • Raid times starting after 3 a.m. EST

News: Around the WoW community

WoW census We're not sure about the depth and validity of this survey, but we received a note this week for a brief census survey. The writer claims to be working on a project for a master's-level statistics class. Check it out if you're the survey-taking type.

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