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Massively Exclusive: Fallen Earth about to be invaded by Blight Wolves

The wastes are a hard place to survive and thrive, but for those who have managed to do so and are waiting patiently for the opening of the Deadfall area, we have a treat for you! The above image is the first-ever glimpse of the dreaded (or highly coveted, depending on which end of the jaws you're on) Fallen Earth Blight Wolf mount!

With that noted, those who want this awesomely dangerous mount will have to get extremely friendly with some of the ugliest folks currently roaming the wastes -- Shiva's Favored. Apparently somewhere in their twisted history, the Favored figured out a method to tame the enormous blight wolves, turning the snarling beasts into somewhat tame mounts. But don't expect to get access to this super-awesome travel companion for rolling up in their camps and saying hi -- it's going to take some time to earn that kind of trust.

For those who want to check out the first-ever look at these powerful beasts, we've managed to secure an exclusive video that we've tucked behind the break -- gotta protect people from those teeth, you know. Add in 130 new missions, new settlements, and more on top of this cool mount and you can see why we say it sounds like this is a great time to live in the post-apocalyptic lands of Fallen Earth.

You can also check out this video in high-definition over on our Massively YouTube channel!

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