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Uncharted 2 celebrates DLC launch with Double Cash weekend


The online world of Uncharted 2 is getting one of its biggest updates ever this week. Title Update 1.07 went live yesterday, fixing a few glitches and exploits, while addressing unbalanced spawn points. Later today, the Siege Expansion Pack will be available for purchase, adding "two new maps, six new multiplayer skins, one new co-op game type and 11 new online-only Trophies." You'll be able to buy it on the PlayStation Store for $5.99.

Naughty Dog isn't quite done with the multiplayer festivities, though. In addition to the new DLC and update, all multiplayer participants can enjoy Double Cash bonuses all weekend. That means players -- newcomers and veterans alike -- will be able to rise up the online ranks twice as fast. If you haven't played online recently (or at all), this is certainly one of the best opportunities we can think of to start.

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