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1Password for Windows beta available


For a lot of our readers, working with a Windows machine at the office is a way of life; in other words, you probably don't have a choice. Agile Web Solutions, developers of the popular 1Password and 1Password touch applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, have announced today that a Windows version of 1Password is available for beta testing.

This means that for the first time, it will be possible to use 1Password for password syncing and storage of private information on the Windows platform as well as the various Apple platforms without resorting to the 1Password Anywhere web-based access feature. For those of you who have changed a password on a corporate system at work, only to find out when you're working from home on your Mac that you can't remember it, this is going to be a real help.

No pricing or final release date has been announced, but you can join in on the fun of testing the Windows version by downloading a copy from the 1Password Windows forum.

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