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Friday Flickr Find: Unboxing an iPad, LEGO style

Michael Jones

For many of us Apple geeks, unboxing your new product is *almost* as much fun as actually using it. And while there are several ways to show off the event, having the box opened entirely by LEGO minifigures photography is probably one of the most creative and interesting ones I've seen.

Enter the world of "ntr23", a TUAW reader and Apple fan who has an apparent affinity for taking pictures of minifigures performing various tasks, the most recent of which was unboxing his new iPad. At 1.5 inches tall, the iPad reminds me more of an iFloor, but that doesn't stop the figures from putting on a good show. From receiving the package to syncing with iTunes, the minifigure team has you covered.

If you're thinking this looks familiar, you're probably right. This same team of LEGOs used ladders to scale the box of the original iPhone a couple of years ago, and one of the minifigures was recently spotted attempting to load OS 4 on the original iPhone. I'm thinking someone might want to let him know that's not how it's done :-)

If you like what you see, be sure to check out ntr23's Flickr page for more.

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