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Keiji Inafune now Capcom 'global head of production'


Apparently overseeing several of Capcom's major releases and having created some of the company's biggest properties -- ever heard of one Mr. Mega Man? -- wasn't enough in the accomplishment department for Keiji Inafune. So, he's stepping into the shoes of "global head of production," with the intention of unifying the publisher's worldwide development studios, reports Kotaku.

"Whether games are created in America or Japan or anywhere in the world, I will be the one overlooking it, and so it will have that Capcom flavor that fans know and love," Inafune told attendees of the company's Hawaiian soirée last week. "So one of the things I want people to know is that now that I am overseeing every part of Capcom R&D. You can be sure that that unified vision is going to come through in all of our titles no matter where they are created." Us? Well, we just want to see a mega blaster in Dead Rising 2. Is that so much to ask for, Mr. Inafune? Is it?

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