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BlackBerry Bold 9650 video hands-on

Chris Ziegler

We'll be very honest with you: unless you're a Tour user amped to upgrade to something that directly addresses your specific complaints, this video might be of little interest. That said, we were able to browse a little site called Engadget (using the same old non-WebKit browser, of course) over the Bold 9650's newfound WiFi support, and while it wasn't about to set any speed records, it'll take some more comprehensive analysis to understand how much blame the WiFi radio, the hotspot, and the browser's rendering engine should take, respectively. We totally dig the optical pad over the old trackball (pardon our stupidity in the video where we attempt to keep scrolling beyond the end of the page -- it wasn't the Bold's fault, honest), and the keyboard is every bit as good as it is on the Tour of old. Check the full, mind-bending experience on video after the break.

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