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Dead Space 2 Rorschach inkblot teases Thursday's date, makes us work

Growing up, our grandpop would relate a time when video game news was sent via the telegraph and his ability to decode the dots and dashes of Morse code put food on the table. But now, times are different, and all that's needed is a quick copy and/or paste shortcut that's led to no shortage of complaints about "young people" and all the things we don't "appreciate." Whatever. And now the team at Visceral Games -- no doubt comprised of Matlock-loving old folks -- are intent on making us work for our gaming news.

Take, for example, the above Rorschach inkblot we received in the mail. Sure, it's a creepy Dead Space 2 thing, we get it ... but, wait. What's that? If you turn down the lights (or, to put that into "young folk jabber," adjust the contrast in Photoshop) there's a hidden message. We managed to decode the alien runes on the included letter, which read, "The Sickness is the Cure! The Cure is the Sickness!" However, plum tuckered from all that decoding, we decided to skip deciphering the ink blot and instead stopped by the Unfiction forums where users have handled most of the heavy lifting already.

The message mostly looks like nonsense ("ust a shard"?), but there is one decoded piece that is promising: 42910. That's either a nonexistent zip code (from space?) or a reference to April 29, 2010 ... this Thursday! We're going to stick with the latter, for now, but what does it all mean? Even money says it's going to be a trailer for the game, which we can just upload and embed in between our already scheduled Thursday afternoon naps. Grandpop would be proud.

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