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FCC launches Spectrum Task Force, unused frequencies become wanted criminals

Chris Ziegler

It's no secret that Julius Genachowski and his posse up in Washington are taking spectrum reallocation very, very seriously in an effort to nip any danger of a wireless broadband crunch in the bud, and the FCC's taken another small step in that process today with the creation of the "Spectrum Task Force." It sounds like the Task Force's main job is to get the entire agency on the same page with regards to its long-term spectrum planning, ultimately playing "a critical role in the execution of the spectrum recommendations in the National Broadband Plan." In other words, the critical topic of spectrum reallocation isn't going away -- and while Genachowski continues to emphasize his intention to make license sales by TV broadcasters fully voluntary, we could see things starting to get hostile if the broadcast industry's mood doesn't change. Unfortunately, we're not aware of any plans for these guys to actually dress up in SWAT uniforms and ride around on Segways should the need arise. Follow the break for the FCC's full statement.

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Washington, D.C. -- Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced the launch of a Spectrum Task Force to advance the FCC's spectrum agenda and promote collaboration across the agency. Julius Knapp, Chief of the Office of Engineering Technology, and Ruth Milkman, Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, will co-chair the cross-agency working group.

"To lead the world in mobile, the FCC must ensure that our nation's spectrum is being put to its highest and best use," said FCC Chairman Genachowski. "Maximizing this essential 21st century resource will create jobs, drive economic growth, and encourage innovation and investment. The FCC's National Broadband Plan lays out a comprehensive roadmap for promoting greater spectrum efficiency and flexibility, and ensuring sufficient spectrum for broadband. The Spectrum Task Force will keep us on this charted course."

The Spectrum Task Force will play a critical role in the execution of the spectrum recommendations in the National Broadband Plan, including long-term spectrum planning. The Task Force will include the Chiefs of the Enforcement, International, Media, and Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureaus, as well as the Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

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