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Hydrophobia will come to PS3, says developer


Podcast GameHounds spoke with Rob Hewson, Pete Jones and Deborah Jones of Dark Energy Digital in its latest episode to discuss the upcoming downloadable "episodic" shooter, Hydrophobia. Announced as an XBLA exclusive, it appears that Hydrophobia will one day make its way to PS3 as well. Around the 59 minute mark, one of the podcast's hosts asks, "Will there be a version for PS3?," to which the developers respond, "Yes, there will be." No further details were probed, nor offered.

A number of high-profile XBLA games have made a delayed appearance on PSN, including Braid and the upcoming Castle Crashers. Based on anecdotal evidence, it appears Microsoft's exclusivity typically lasts for over a year -- meaning PS3 owners will likely have to wait quite some time before seeing Hydrophobia on their system of choice.

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