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Nokia N8 earns FCC seal with T-Mobile 3G on board

Chris Ziegler

If you're a Symbian fan, a Nokia fan, or simply a lover of 12 megapixel cameraphone sensors, it's a great week to be alive what with the mighty N8's specs and Eldar Murtazin-penned mini-review all going live ahead of Nokia's official unveiling. But wait, the N8 fest isn't over quite yet: the AWS 3G version of the phone just garnered the FCC's blessings, turns out. How do we know this is the T-Mobile-ready N8, exactly? Well, the device is listed simply by its internal code, RM-596, throughout the paperwork -- but the shape of the FCC ID label (which is laser etched, as the filing points out) is exactly what we'd expect given the shots of the N8 we've seen so far, and it looks like it'll appear on the endcap of the phone with the camera hump visible just underneath. Given the leaked specs, we're expecting a version with T-Mobile support anyway, so we're nearly certain this is it. If Murtazin's take on Symbian^3 is any indication, there might not be much reason to get stoked about this thing -- but hey, at least the FCC is going to be totally cool with you blowing your cash on it.

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