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Steve's private jet is back in the air


Steve Jobs is flying again. Literally. Last April the Wall Street Journal freaked out a bit when they went through Apple's SEC reports and saw that Apple only reimbursed Steve Jobs for US$4000 in flight expenses for his private Gulfstream V jet from July to December 2008.The $4000 reimbursement was a paltry sum compared to the $580,000 Steve was reimbursed for travel on his jet during the January to June 2008 period.

The $4000 reimbursement was due to several reasons, notably Jobs being sick, but also because he didn't need to fly all over the world closing iPhone 3G deals with international carriers. For those that see Jobs' Gulfstream expenses as directly "integral to negotiations with international carriers and supply chain partners," you'll be happy to hear that Jobs has racked up $127,000 in Gulfstream expenses from January to March of this year, according to Apple most recent SEC filing.

So why is Jobs flying all around on Apple business again? We know he was in New York several times to talk to publishers about putting their content on the iPad, beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

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