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Exclusive: Polaroids from Capcom Fight Club

Kevin Kelly

"I'll poke out your eyes," Cammy sneered menacingly.

Last Friday, Capcom partnered with i am 8-bit to bring Capcom Fight Club to Los Angeles to support this week's launch of Super Street Fighter IV, and we'll never stop being amazed by the number of people who enjoy dressing up in costume for video game launches. Our amazement usually reaches a fever pitch when there's an eerily accurate Dhalsim in the mix. We're surprised The CW hasn't snapped up the rights for this game to bring us Street Fighter: The High School Years.

Unfortunately – and because people don't universally adhere to the number one rule laid down at PAX – i am 8-bit had a ton of equipment stolen ... including all of their footage from the event. But what did survive was their old school Polaroid camera, and this stack of portraits. Check out the exclusive images in the gallery below while trying to contain your excitement over the wonders of spandex.

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