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Japanese Nintendo downloads: Neo Geo fighters, Shooting Watch, Monkey Band


The Virtual Console and DSiWare are stuffed full of games this week in Japan! The Virtual Console has the first Metal Max Famicom game (a series that eventually led to Metal Saga on PS2, with a DS sequel upcoming), as well as two Neo Geo fighting games. The bizarre Waku Waku 7 from Sunsoft stars robot tanks, Totoro-esque creatures, and even a sentient punching bag! There's even an ancient Dig Dug-style arcade game. WiiWare's World Game Parade finishes with Katamuki Spirits, a localized version of Equilibrio.

DSiWare features a game in which you compose songs to be played by a band of cartoon monkeys, with synthesized instruments and vocals! Also available: a drawing program about doodling on your photos, a platformer with 10-second levels, and, of course, Hudson's Shooting Watch app, which tests the number of button presses you can perform in a second.

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