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PS3 firmware update 3.30 makes PC remote play VAIO-ble

Most folks don't know that PS3 Firmware Update 3.30 didn't just prep the system for 3D support, renovate the Trophy section, and totally crash user's lengthy Dragon Age: Origins sessions. It also added a tab under the "Remote Play" section of the XMB – an unassuming option simply labeled "PC."

The notes accompanying the update confirm that "future models of the VAIO PC" will be able to access certain titles on the PSN, though the full capacity of said access is unknown. The notes mentioned that further details on the VAIO's Remote Playability will be announced on Sony's website next month. Until then, you can keep on playing your PSN games on your PS3, just like you always have, since the dawn of time, you caveman.

[Via Videogamer]

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