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PSA: Steam's new look & feel is out of beta


We're not sure why, but, when presented with the option to try out Steam's new user interface weeks ahead of time, some people actually said, "No thanks -- the future scares me." Well, just to prove you can't escape from your future (or because it considered the face-lift ready to go live) Valve has flipped the switch labeled "New UI" and your Steam client is in for a world of change -- like it or not.

The next time you fire up your Steam client, you'll be prompted to install the update, thus severing all ties to the past. If this thought is just a little too much to bear, you can always take a screenshot of the old UI (it's the Print Screen key) before clicking "Update." If, for some reason, you don't have Steam on your PC, the client -- all new-UI-ified -- can be downloaded here.

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