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Steve Jobs: "Life is fragile."


Business Insider has published an email reply one of their readers received from Steve Jobs. The reader wrote to Jobs after reading a speech Jobs gave about his experience with liver disease. The BI reader, who lost his young girlfriend to melanoma-induced liver failure, wrote to express gratitude that he took the time to address the issue of creating a live donor registry for kidney transplants in California.

Only a few hours later Steve wrote back:

"Your [sic] most welcome, James. I'm sorry about your girlfriend. Life is fragile.

Despite the grammatical error in Steve's email, Business Insider believes the email (sent from his iPad) is authentic after double-checking the header information. Steve's emails are always about tech issues. It's nice to see him addressing the more important issues in life too. For another inspiring tear-jerker, Steve's 2005 Stanford speech is always a good watch.

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