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Telltale's 'Scoggins' project related to artist Graham Annable

Justin McElroy

No one's completely cracked the mystery of Scoggins, as teased on Telltale's official site, but Gamasutra has placed a big part of the puzzle. The outlet has connected the work of artist Graham Annable, responsible for the "Grickle" short films and books, to the teaser. Not only does the Scoggins art closely match that of Annable's, he has a history with Telltale, formerly serving as creative director at the company. Moreover, we noticed the same gnomes from the teaser image (which he calls "The Hidden People") in these Flickr samples of Annable's work.

It tells us little of what kind of games we can expect from the collaboration, but we'd expect questions about that to be answered on May 4, as you can see in the teaser above.

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