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Compaq Airlife 100 exclusively available to Telefónica customers for 229 euros in May

Joanna Stern

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We just had a feeling that the Compaq Airlife 100 would be the first smartbook to ship when we caught wind of its official spec page last week, and now our Spanish counterparts are reporting that the Android-running clamshell will be exclusively available through Telefonica Movistar in mid-May. The carrier is also finally revealing a price -- the Snapdragon smartbook will set Spaniards back 229 euros and that doesn't even include the accompanying 48 euros a month Internet Maxi plan (insert iPad joke here). We are told there's also a 39 euro Internet Plus plan, but that requires you to shell out 299 euros for the little laptop. Seems to be a bit more expensive than we originally thought, considering you can get a more powerful netbook for less than 199 euros these days, but we will see how this whole smartbook thing pans out soon enough. As for us Americans, HP recently told us there are no plans to bring the Airlife 100 stateside.

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