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Nintendo's Tomodachi Collection now a TV show


There's no indication of Nintendo localizing its DS hit Tomodachi Collection, in which you interact with a house full of your Miis as well as celebrity guest Miis. But its dominance in the Japanese market has reached a ridiculous high: it's being spun off into a TV show.

"Koi no Kaitou?! Tomokore no Ni-se" (Love's Answer?! Tomodachi Collection Second Generation) stars three young girls with famous parents, who talk about relationships with a guest "second generation talent." They also make a Mii for the guest and have their Miis take part in Tomodachi Collection-related activities like singing together in-game.

This scintillating programming will be on Japan's Tokyo MX channel starting May 6.

[Via Famitsu, Andriasang]

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