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Rocket Racers are go: two aircraft put on a show in Tulsa


This isn't the first time that would-be competitors in the Rocket Racing League have taken to the skies, but the recent Tusla Air & Rocket Racing Show did mark the first time that two of the aircraft have flown together, giving spectators a taste of what an actual rocket race might be like. Those actually looking up are only seeing part of what makes the Rocket Racing League so unique, however, as a key component of it is an augmented reality system that not only lets the pilots and viewers alike see the virtual course, but promises to eventually let folks at home test their skills against real pilots. What's more, all of this may not be all that far off -- Rocket Racing League founder Peter Diamandis (of X-Prize fame) is hoping to kick off the first series of races sometime next year. Until then, you'll have to make do with the video after the break.

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