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Xbox 360 copies of Singularity to offer free Prototype 'for a limited time'


Here's a real concern everyone should be cognizant about: Just how many times can you reduce people to decrepit, withered husks writhing in agony until it starts getting a little ... old? Wouldn't it be nice if, between face-melting blasts of temporal energy, you could resort to dismemberment, impalement and tentacular catastrophe? What if you didn't have to suffer the slightest penalty or inhibition for spending the day shooting and stabbing anonymous meatbags, just as your desires dictated?

We'll likely never find out, but you can do all of that stuff in a video game if you buy Singularity on Xbox 360 and take advantage of a limited-time mail-in offer for a free copy of Infamous Prototype. Raven's time-twisting shooter is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 29th.

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