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Dungeon Fighter Online launches guild system, adds sub-classes

Jef Reahard

Nexon's Dungeon Fighter Online has launched its new Awakening update, bringing with it eight new sub-classes as well as the ability for players to join a guild.

The guild system kicks off with several incentives, including a reduced initiation fee (payable via Dungeon Fighter's in-game currency), double Guild XP, and prizes for the first five guilds that reach level five. Leveling up your new guild is as easy as rolling through dungeons with your mates. The rewards include monster transformation potions and Noble Warrior Potions which recover health and mana points. The winning guilds will be announced on May 26, so grab your friends and start earning those guild levels.

In addition to the guild contest, Dungeon Fighter Online also features a promotional event for the new Awakening classes. Avatars created during the launch event will receive double the normal number of life tokens, as well as a class advancement gift appropriate to any of the newly introduced sub-classes. Also, players choosing one of the new sub-classes (Asura, Battle Mage, Berserker, Elementalist, Launcher, Nen Master, Spitfire and Striker) will grant bonus XP to any groups they join.

Head on over to the official Dungeon Fighter Online web site for full details.

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