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Kingsisle spills the beans about advanced Wizard 101 pets system


You can already feel the buzz in the Wizard 101 community, Tweets firing off that give details about test realm goodies, questions being asked about naming, and general cries of "SQUEEE!" sounding from every corner of the Wizard 101 fanbase. Kingsisle Entertainment today released more details about their upcoming "advanced pet system." Here are some of the cool things you will be able to do once you've reached level 7 and entered the Pet Pavillion.

  • Allow your pets to roam (and dirty) your Castles & Lands. Clean up duty optional.
  • Buy or craft delicious things to make them happy (or pouty when they don't get more.)
  • No one wants unhealthy pets! So get them some exercise in the Derby.
  • Want something new and unique? Create brand new pets using the hatching system!
  • Pet's like mini-games too, you know. So let 'em play them. Of course, you keep the prizes.
  • These pets have a bite that is worse than their bark. Watch as they kick some tail in battle with you.
Be sure to keep them well fed and happy, because after each match they are going to be hungry! Wouldn't you be? Well, you actually will be once you take control of your pet in a fun filled race of skill and speed. It sounds a lot like a Kart racing type game, but near one hundred times cuter. You can try out the new pets in the Wizard 101 test realm, and popular fancast Ravenwood Radio is giving away 5 Gobbler pets for you to love! Get the details here.

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