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Icarus announces company restructuring [updated]

Jef Reahard
Icarus Studios, developers of the post-apocalyptic science fiction MMORPG Fallen Earth, today announced an immediate reorganization of company resources and staffing.

"While this is a challenging step for us, the steps were taken to maintain the growth, continued development and profitability of Fallen Earth," said Icarus Chief Executive Office James Hettinger.

A press release on the official site confirms that the newly reorganized company will continue to support core staff members, customer service, and ongoing development of Fallen Earth. The release also notes that work continues on the forthcoming Blood Sports Patch, scheduled for a May 7 release.

We've also received unconfirmed rumors of layoffs of up to 80% of current staff. We've contacted Icarus for further details, so stay with Massively for more on this story as it develops.

Update: Circatrix, one of the Fallen Earth staffers, has posted the following statement on their message boards: "Hi all. Thanks for your questions and for your interest in what's going on with the company. Some of you who know staff understand that this was a difficult step for us.

As of today, there are 28 core staff members plus customer support staff and GMs. We believe in our product--we know we have a great game, and we have an amazing community. None of this will change. We are on time for Blood Sports Patch 1.4 next Friday, and we are on schedule for subsequent content updates.

The decisions made today regarding staff are for the general health of the company and the game as a whole, and we don't anticipate any changes on the player side of things. Servers are up, customer support and GM guidance are still in place, and our production schedule is still on target. We appreciate your support and dedication to us personally, to our team, and to
Fallen Earth."

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