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World of Warcraft streaming to an iPad


For years I've wanted a decent World of Warcraft (WoW) iPhone app from Blizzard. There's an armory app that lets you browse your gear and so forth, but that's not enough. I'd like to track auctions, access in-game email, visit the bank and so on.

All of that went out the window when I saw this.

It's a screenshot of WoW supposedly being streamed to an iPad via Gaikai. Gaikai is a new service, currently in beta, that hosts and streams any game to your computer via a browser. Basically, you play a game that lives on their servers while watching a streaming video of the action. Their website says that "...the latest Adobe Flash player" is required, so we're not sure how this is being pulled off. Perhaps they're using an unreleased app.

More importantly is the question, how in the world are you going to play WoW without a mouse? We second Gizmodo's call for video on this one.

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