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Blueberry Garden dev enters iPhone space with Kometen


Erik Svedäng, creator of the Independent Games Festival 2009 grand price winner, Blueberry Garden, has announced his first iPhone game. Kometen "is about exploring space to find art, while at the same time learning how to fly around in a graceful way," Svedäng writes on his blog. Players do this exploring as the "Komet" (Swedish for "comet") of the title, gobbling up objects and performing loop-de-loops against striking watercolor backgrounds by artist Niklas Åkerblad.

Unlike many games, iPhone or otherwise, "there isn't any scoring system or way to lose, instead it's all about self improvement and judging your own performance," Svedäng says. Kometen has already been submitted to Apple for approval (which means it could release any time now) and you can watch a video of it in action after the break.

[Via Boing Boing]

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