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'Sid Meier's Pirates!' plundering on Wii this autumn


Sid Meier's Pirates! will set sail this fall on Wii, keelhauling two new minigames for the console. Developed by 2K China, this latest port of the evergreen title features "streamlined controls" for the Wiimote, along with everything else that made this casual-core title a success for every platform it's been on -- speaking of which, we'd certainly appreciate an HD remake for XBLA and PSN.

The two new minigames for the Wii version are "bombardment" (pictured) and "lock picking." The port wlll also feature "exclusive character and ship customization options." And now all we want to do is make the S.S. Kirby: a giant pink boat with eyes on its sails that gobbles up the treasures of the Caribbean.

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