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TUAW Review: DODOcase for iPad makes Moleskines weep


When the iPad was released in the US, I lined up in Boston with the other early adopters. Apple employees handed out snacks and drinks while a lone PR person distributed coupons for the DODOcase. A few days later I used mine and several weeks later it finally arrived.

After spending a week and a half with the DODOcase, I can say that it will make nearly any customer happy. High build quality, good looks and a secure fit ("like a glove" is an understatement) make the DODOcase worth the price tag and wait.


The most obvious aspect of the DODOcase is its close resemblance to a Moleskine notebook (note some side-by-side comparison shots in the gallery below). The look is dead on. It's larger than the largest notebook but about the size of the softcover 18 month planner. At first glance (frankly, at 2nd and 3rd glance as well), most people will assume that's what you're carrying.

The exterior cover is of a slightly different grain than the notebook, and the interior is a beautiful red. The elastic strap is a perfect fit and, along with the bamboo interior, keeps your iPad securely in place.

Gallery: DODOcase for iPad | 13 Photos


Each one of these things is hand built in San Francisco, CA. The feel is absolutely solid. A carved bamboo frame sits on the right hand side of the case's interior. Each corner features a bit of foam padding that holds the iPad in place with certainty. Not a fraction of a millimeter is wasted. The whole thing feels absolutely solid and high-end.


I've been keeping my iPad in the DODOcase while using it, because everything is accessible while the iPad itself is protected. The headphone jack, volume button, screen rotation lock switch, 30 pin connector and on/off button can all be used with the DODOcase's lid open or shut. Since the iPad doesn't get unusually hot under typical conditions (extended sun bathing is another issue), there's no problem with keeping it confined.

When not flat on its back, the case can be positioned as a stand (landscape or portrait orientation) or slightly angled for better typing. Just fold the cover underneath for a great angle when using the software keyboard.


This sounds silly, but it's such a nice looking case, I find myself protecting it as I would the naked iPad, which sort of defeats the purpose. "Ooh, careful! Don't scratch up the case!" But that's my own paranoia seeping through.

At the end of the day, it's a fifty dollar iPad case. Can you find one that's cheaper? Of course. Heck, Apple makes one. But this beauty is worth the few extra bucks for its looks, exceptional build quality and usefulness. Heck, it even included a hand-numbered, signed index card thanking me for my purchase. That's nice.

If you feel that your precious deserves a worthy companion, the DODOcase is it.

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