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Adobe Captivate joins Mac family


Along with the release of the CS5 suite, Adobe is delivering a new product to the Mac platform; Captivate 5 is shipping next month, both in a standalone version and as the anchor of the new eLearning Suite 2 bundle alongside Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop Extended, Soundbooth and Acrobat. Captivate lets educators, trainers and documentation experts create tutorials and simulations that can be deployed to websites or learning management (LMS) infrastructure.

Captivate has had a long run as a Windows app, so the interface was completely refreshed for the Mac release. New features in v5 include full roundtrip support with other components of the suite, so you can edit sound clips in Soundbooth or animations in Flash and return to where you left off in the Captivate project. The new version also allows for better video synchronization within a project. The PowerPoint plugin piece of the eLearning suite (Adobe Presenter) remains Win-only.

You can learn more about Captivate via Adobe's prerecorded and upcoming live webcasts about the eLearning suite (Adobe account required). New licenses for the suite start at US$1799, with upgrades starting at $599. Captivate alone sells for $799 and can be upgraded starting at $299; cross-grades from the PC version to the Mac version should be allowed. Preorders are active now, and the suite is expected to ship in mid-June.

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