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An eyeful of Adobe's Android / Tegra prototype tablet running Air

Ross Miller

After getting a pretty great glimpse of Adobe's Tegra 2- and Android-powered prototype tablet yesterday, we decided to head over to the Web 2.0 Expo show floor ourselves to get some first-hand impressions. Unfortunately, the company couldn't get a single website to open (Flash-based or otherwise) given lackluster WiFi, leaving us with only a tease of its power via an Air-based slideshow. To drive home what we heard yesterday, this prototype isn't being prepped for release at any point in the future -- more so, this is to serve as a showcase for the future potential of Adobe on Tegra 2 tablets. We'll stop by again tomorrow morning and hope the show floor's connection will be better by then, but in the meantime, enjoy the smattering of pictures and video we managed to get this afternoon.

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