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Samsung and Panasonic 3DTVs use same active shutter glasses tech, but are (mostly) incompatible

Vlad Savov

At a recent London shindig to promote its 3D television sets, Samsung revealed that the active shutter glasses used to view its glorious, mighty, breathtaking 3D content are based on the same technology as Panasonic's, only they're reversed. That is to say, using your Sammy 3D specs to view Panasonic's 3DTVs won't work -- unless you flip them upside down. You read that right, the two companies have opted for different implementations of the same technology, resulting in the farcical outcome that glasses will be interchangeable between their sets only if you're happy to wear them upside down. How that's gonna help the 3D takeup effort, we don't know, but Samsung R&D chief Simon Lee does see a light at the end of this dim, poorly focused tunnel, stating that manufacturers are likely to agree a common active shutter glasses standard "as early as next year." You might wanna look XpanD's way if you want universal compatibility before then, or away in disgust if you're already tired of all the absurdity surrounding 3D.

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