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Get stoked for 'My Fireplace' on Wii


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Those fireplace DVDs are alright for creating a mood (specifically, the mood of wishing you had a fireplace) but they aren't very ... interactive, you know? That fire just sits there on the screen, faux-smoldering forever in an endless loop of artificial atmosphere. Wouldn't it be perfect if that were a game?

Korner Entertainment S.L. thinks so. The ESRB just logged a rating for "My Fireplace," a Wii game (a WiiWare game, we hope) "in which players can tend to a virtual fireplace. Players can add logs to the fire, add decorations to the mantle, and pump air into the fireplace to keep the flames burning."

This sounds like a hot property, but with nothing but an ESRB content description to go on, we can't shed any light on details like release date or price.

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