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THQ CEO cautiously optimistic about 3D gaming


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THQ CEO Brian Farrell mentioned during an earnings call call yesterday that the publisher is interested in 3D gaming and sees it as part of the industry going forward -- but don't expect THQ to be leading the pack. Considering it's finally on a path to avoiding oblivion, spending heaps of cash to add the feature doesn't seem to be part of the current plan.

The executive explained, "There's some neat things we see. We need two things: We do need some additional console technology and I don't want to get into particulars on that, but more importantly and probably a little further out, is the install base of 3D-equipped TV sets or monitors."

Farrell doesn't believe 3D will be "meaningful for a couple years." The company will "watch the ramp of 3D monitors" and move based on that. Right now, THQ is likely focused on the realities of its 2D financial spreadsheet.

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