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S.U.N. gets a level cap increase and new content

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Have you hit the skill cap in Soul of the Ultimate Nation? Looking for a few more challenges in the game? The May content update to S.U.N. should make you very happy.

All classes will find four new skills available as well as a new quest line introducing the Ether Change System. Complete the four consecutive quests in the line to create the Systems, which can be equipped to your weapon and used. High level players will find even more new content to enjoy. Level 115 players will now find the option for a "change up," a new system that will allow them to gain even more skills and begin the journey to the brand new level cap of 130.

The change up system comes in the form of a quest that must be completed before you can start working toward level 130 -- you won't gain XP until you've completed it. So check out the new quest and skills, and enjoy the new content.

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