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WoW Moviewatch: Nub Tales ep. 1: Celestial Steed (the tears of noobs)


Work warning: there is some mild cursing in this video.

We all suspected that the star pony might have ulterior motives. Yumfries has blown the lid off the conspiracy with Nub Tales ep. 1: Celestial Steed (the tears of noobs). In a moment of brilliant revelation, we learn that the star pony is not made up of simply stars, but also filled with the tears of noobs. The video then goes on to reveal a dastardly plan as clever as any I have ever heard.

I think this is a fun video from Yumfries, but also fills an important community role. This is a player responding to something that's happened in the game, but also the community follow-up after that action. It's also poking fun at the vast overreaction among the WoW community about a horse. Of course, that whole thing just seemed like a snowball to me, rolling down a mountain. It started off as a blip and turned into this gigantic controversy that we've all since forgotten about.

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