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AoC: Godslayer downtime extended

Jef Reahard

Those of you taking the day off work to enjoy Funcom's first Age of Conan expansion are hopefully finding other things to do with your time as afternoon gives way to early evening. Rise of the Godslayer, the sprawling addition to the Robert E. Howard-based fantasy MMORPG released in 2008, has been delayed. The server downtime was originally scheduled to last approximately 12 hours, beginning at 4am Eastern time this morning.

As the day wore on, Funcom began experiencing undisclosed technical issues with the European server deployments and opted to release an updated announcement via the official forums. The EU delay also means that the American server launch will be pushed back, and Glen 'Famine' Swan, Senior Assistant Community Manager for Funcom, posted an expected up time of 8pm Eastern. "Overall, we are aiming to come up within the 2 hour extended delay, but it highly depends on how the EU deployment goes when it's fully launched," Swan said.

While you're waiting, you can check out the official Godslayer update notes (dubbed version 2.0) to get a taste of what you can expect when the servers come up.

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