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Battlefield: BC, Mass Effect, Army of Two sequel sales all top 1 million; Dante's Inferno comes close in Q1 2010


Electronic Arts' high-profile sequels helped the publisher fight its way to some positive cash flow in the final quarter of an otherwise traumatic fiscal year. Overall, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 led the charge with over three million units sold in the quarter across Europe and North America, with five million units sold to date.

Mass Effect 2 didn't do too shabby, selling 1.6 million units during the quarter in North America and Europe, while Army of Two: The 40th Day sold "over one million units worldwide in the quarter." It wasn't all sequel talk for the core titles,as Dante's Inferno got a mention too, having sold "almost one million units in the quarter" across Europe and North America. Oh, Dante, don't cry! It ain't easy for a new franchise in this world -- just ask EA's new IPs from last fiscal year.

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