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Best Buy taps Future US for new game mag: @Gamer


Andy Eddy seems like a regular guy. He's got some sweet scruff and nothing on his Facebook page looks out of the ordinary, so -- wait, what's this? Apparently Mr. Eddy is "working at Future US in the Future Plus group on a new publication called @Gamer, the 'official games magazine of Best Buy.'" For real?

It's news to us and certainly the first that Kyle Orland, ex-Joystiq blogger and devilishly handsome chap who noticed the blurb, has heard about it. While we're inclined to point out the obvious to Best Buy (uh, game mags are pretty dead, bro), we're interested in seeing how far this will go. Real editorial content or a glorified shopper's guide? We can't wait to find out!

[Via The Game Beat]

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