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Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory has a monstrous controller


Let us lay it out for you: in 2008, Square Enix released Dragon Quest Swords for Wii, a game based entirely around using the Wii Remote to simulate a sword. It used the normal Wii Remote/Nunchuk setup. Now, Square Enix is preparing a Wii port of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory, an arcade game based on collectible cards. For that, peripheral company Hori is producing a controller shaped like a sword.

The optional controller, first shown off on VJump magazine's staff blog, features an exact replica of the arcade machine's layout, including two giant buttons and a replica sword hilt, which players push down to activate special attacks. The controller will retail for ¥12,800 ($137) and will be out in Japan this summer. Keep an eye on your favorite import retailer if you've been waiting for a controller with part of a sword sticking out of it.

[Via Andriasang]

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