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Dead Space 2 back on track for PC release

There was a bit of confusion following the release of EA's Q3 2010 investor's report, which seemed to omit a mention of a PC version of Visceral Games' next deep space horror-surgery title, Dead Space 2. The most definite answer EA could give us back in February about its intentions to bring the game to our compy was, "A PC SKU is under consideration." Now, after three months of heartfelt consideration, EA has come to a decision: Yes, fine, you can have Dead Space 2 on PC.

Those weren't EA's exact words, mind you -- rather, yesterday's Q4 2010 investor's report simply mentioned the game will launch on consoles, handhelds and PC. EA later confirmed via Tweet that the PC listing was legit, and not some kind of sick, twisted act of schadenfreude executed against personal computer enthusiasts.

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