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Fujitsu shows off 3D-enabled desktop PC, Lenovo prepping 3D laptop?


We're not sure there are any PC makers not working on 3D-enabled desktops and laptops at this point, but it looks like we can now add two more to the watch list: Fujitsu and Lenovo. Of the two, Fujitsu is by far the most forthcoming, as it's actually now showing off an all-in-one desktop PC that not only packs a 3D LCD, but a built-in 3D camera that will let you capture 3D images and video that can be viewed with the included 3D glasses. What's more, while the prototype on display is decidedly boxy and bolted down, Akihabara News is reporting that it will hit Japan before the end of the year. Details on Lenovo's offering are decidedly light by comparison, with DigiTimes only reporting that the company will release a 3D-enabled laptop using polarized glasses sometime in the third quarter of the year, with Wistron said to be providing the display panel.

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