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Latest iPhone prototype leaked by a duo of phone dealers


The Associated Press is reporting today that two Vietnamese phone dealers may be responsible for the most recent 4G iPhone leak. When mobile phone accessory salesman Tran Manh Hiep heard that someone was showing off a prototype iPhone in a Ho Chi Minh City cafe, he rushed there with his video camera to see it. The AP notes that another dealer, whose identity is unknown, had the phone. How he came into it is still a mystery.

Many suspected that the phone was a knock-off, as that region is rife with fakes from China. Hiep insists that it's genuine, as "[my Mac] recognized it as an Apple product" when connected. Other than the lack of visible screws we saw on the unit Gizmodo bought, it's virtually the same. There's no word on whether an investigation will be launched.

Today, another image has surfaced from Vietnam supposedly showing the phone running iPhone OS 4.

It's amazing to me that two devices have now gotten past Apple's legendary security, and even more so that one ended up far across the globe. I'll say one thing: it sure takes the fun out of the official announcements.

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